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Sense has a distinctive approach which sets it apart from many other diagnostics companies.  We believe that in order to allow the potential of point-of-care molecular diagnostics to be realised, innovation is required in technologies for simple, user-centred, handheld tests, rather than advanced hardware solutions.

Our vision is to improve people’s lives by bringing powerful tools for fast, accurate and affordable diagnostics into the hands of everyday users.

It is widely accepted that empowering clinicians and consumers with point-of-care diagnostics will lead to improvements in patient treatment and well-being. Rather than trying to re-purpose the technologies and instruments used in the central laboratory we are developing novel technologies that combine the power of laboratory tests with the simplicity and ease of use of low-cost consumer products.

Sense is focused on two different market categories: infections and oncology. Its infections products will simplify the patient management pathway, enable more rapid and effective treatment decisions, reduce the use of antibiotics and antivirals, decrease the spread of disease and substantially reduce healthcare costs. Its oncology products will enable point-of-care assessment of the mutation status of key genes to inform prognosis and treatment, such as eligibility for targeted drugs, as well as provide a powerful new solution for the routine monitoring of response and the early detection of recurrence; thus enhancing treatment effectiveness and transforming the chances of long-term survival for patients.